Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Baby Songs

As I posted earlier, our baby loves baby songs. Baby songs are sometimes the fastest way to comfort him when he is in a bad mood. And you know, baby songs are not only entertaining but also educational. Some baby songs teach the alphabet, other baby songs teach about colors and other baby songs teach the numbers. If you are looking for FREE baby songs, Youtube is a great source of free baby songs, but you could spend hours sorting through them to find some baby songs which are entertaining and educational. We were doing that for a while and then decided to make a Squidoo page of our favorite free baby songs so that we would not always have to seach for them.

Our baby loves his baby songs so much if we travel or go to a restaurant we always take some of our baby's favorite baby songs on a small net computer. The baby songs make the journey so much more pleasant for everyone. How do we do it? You can convert YouTube songs into AVI files with Zamzar for free. AVI files will play on windows media player. Then with a small laptop or net computer you can take your free baby songs with you where ever you go.