Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family farm and new CSA starting in Efland, Orange County, NC

I went to visit my hay supplier, Roger Tate at Roger Tates Farm in Efland, NC today. I love this guy, he and his crew work so so hard and some years a drought or a flood or something wipes out everything.

Well, they are getting into Community Supported Agriculture under the name Harmony Hill Farm and I wanted to let you know - if you're in Alamance or Orange County and want to support locavore local agriculture, email Roger and his wife Lisa: Roger Tate's Farm in Efland NC.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perfect gift for telenovela fans: William Levy's 2011 calendar has finally been published. Where can you get it? I'll tell you.

To read in English what the Spanish-language William Levy Calendario site says, head over to my William Levy page which has information about the making of the calendar, links for purchasing it online, and locations where it can be bought in person.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And if you're trying to avoid Christmas, this is for you.

And now that I've sent off my almond roca Christmas presents to my brothers and nieces, I'm getting down to my toughest December task: ignoring society's desperate attempts to get me to buy stuff while listening to tired old Christmas carols. You looking to escape Christmas too? See my tips:
How to avoid Christmas.

DIY homemade candy for Christmas: Almond roca

I am a strong believer in economical homemade Christmas presents, especially in these hard times but really for always. I'm Jewish but my brothers are Christians and every year I make this 'heavenly toffee' (like giant Heath bars or Skor bars but much better): Make your own almond roca. It's fantastic!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wheelchair Umbrellas

If you are a wheelchair user and tired of getting constantly soaked in the pouring rain, you may be interested in this new Squidoo lens about wheelchair umbrellas.

There are several different types of wheelchair umbrellas demonstrated, including the Paraplis a wheelchair umbrella holder which allows the umbrella to fold down but remain attached to the wheelchair.

But probably the most innovative is this wheelchair umbrella holder that is worn on the body and has some pockets which can hold a collapsible umbrella. It is water resistant and can also store valuables as well.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Squidoo Lens In Top 10!

Ok, time to brag a bit. My footed pajamas lens has finally reached the top ten. As I write this, my footed pajamas lens is actually #10 overall and #4 in shopping. It has been flirting with the top ten for some weeks, but did not manage to reach it, usually hovering around #14 or #15. Today I looked and it was actually #10! YEAH ME!

I am very proud of this footed pajamas lens. My footed pajamas lens has been selected as lens of the day and was voted best shopping lens last year and was a purple star recipient. Not much more for it to win, so it is nice to get small achievements like this. :)