Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding Gift Etiquette

There is a lot of etiquette involved when it comes to wedding ceremonies and gift giving. One area where area that folks typically have questions about when it comes to wedding gifts is whether it's acceptable or is it good etiquette for the bride or groom to enclose a note in the invitations regarding a wedding registry? The answer is, it's NOT good gift etiquette! At first it may seem your saving them the trouble of figuring out a good gift thereby making it more convenient for guests but, leave it to family and friends to spread the word about your wedding gift registry. For more etiquette tips visit our guide to wedding gift etiquette for everything that you need to know to get through the wedding without offending anyone., whether you are looking for that perfect wedding gift idea for the bride, groom, a bridesmaid gift, or presents for the groomsman an attendant, or favors for wedding guests.

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Maid of Honor
One more popular question we cover is, whether it is necessary to send a gift to a wedding couple that invited you to a wedding, that you are not going to be able to go to? The answer is that NO, technically your not obligated to send a wedding gift, but if you are really close to the couple you may wish to do so anyway. Now, if you are going to the wedding, it is good etiquette to get a wedding gift.

Gifts are a big part of any wedding celebration. When you know the gift etiquette surrounding wedding presents, it takes a lot of the guess work out so nobody's ends up offended.

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