Monday, July 26, 2010

Will The Greying of The Population Make Science Fiction A Reality?

Were you aware that there are approximately 3 million wheelchair users in the USA? That number is rapidly increasing and currently represents approximately 1 in 100 people. You may not realize that the number is so large, because during your day when you see 100 people, you will rarely see that 1 wheelchair user.

But one result of the rapidly growing number of people with disabilities is the rapid growth in disability equipment. The markets for disability equipment like the common wheelchair and the everyday mobility scooter are becoming larger and larger.

But also more futuristic disability products such as exoskeleton suits for wheelchair users are now coming to the market. These products which were once only seen in science fiction shows like The Bionic Man, are now a fact. They exist.

For example, this product which allows paralyzed people to walk again was recently launched in New Zealand and will soon be marketed worldwide:

The fact is that the aging of the population is changing not only the demographics of society, but may also help to turn science fiction into everyday reality.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

When you need a long, cheap swivel arm for your 26" hdtv...

home-made extension arm to add to a purchased tv swivel arm
A lightning storm took out my ancient, gigantic tv, so old that I designed my built-in bureau AROUND IT when I built my house in 1996! So I have a nice empty space now where the tv used to be - and an opportunity to bring the new flat-screen replacement tv closer to me when I lie in bed and watch!

Store-bought swivel arms (articulating arms, swing arm wall mounts) are very expensive. In my brand-new lens Make your own tv swivel arm extension, I show you how to make a sturdy extension that will bring your tv closer, let you swing it further around, and - hurrah - make it possible to use a smaller, cheaper store-bought swing arm (I paid $20 for mine) on a larger tv.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take 10 Minutes To Earn Extra Money From Squidoo

Do you know how to earn some extra money on Squidoo? Freshen up and republish your top lenses.

Follow these steps:

* Log into Squidoo
* Click on "My Lenses"
* In the second column "Rank" look at the lenses that range in lens rank from 0-30,000
* Click "Edit" look quickly to see if any updates are necessary.
* Click "Publish"

These few steps will bump your lens rank for these lenses significantly and will probably move a few of them into the higher payment catagories earning you more money at the end of the month.