Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wheelchair Backpack: A Perfect Gift For A Wheelchair User

Do you know a wheelchair user? Chances are you do or you will. Why? Currently around 1% of the population uses a wheelchair. If you know 100 people chances are 1 of them uses a wheelchair. If you don't know a wheelchair user, chances are you will. The population is aging and the rate of wheelchair users is higher amongst older people.

What is the perfect gift for a wheelchair user? For many wheelchair users, a wheelchair backpack is very "handy"? Why? Manual wheelchair users use their hands to propel the wheelchair. A wheelchair backpack provides the place to store items that many people would put in a purse or simply carry with them.

So when holidays come around, consider a wheelchair backpack for the wheelchair user in your life.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ryan Gosling and Ellen DeGeneres Wearing Footed Pajamas

Watch this video of Ryan Gosling and Ellen DeGeneres wearing footed pajamas on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. At 2:40 minutes Ryan and Ellen are wearing their footed pajamas:

Ryan Gosling says that his goal is "to make them popular so I can wear them out and not feel like a fool".

Do you think that footed pajamas will become popular? Find out more about footed pajamas.