Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Best Free Cartoons

Like all children my little boy loves cartoons. But too many cartoons are full of violence. Some violence is silly, like Elmer Fudd falling off of a cliff or an anvil hitting a rabbit in the face. Some of the violence is more dramatic, like a super hero shooting a group of criminals with a machine gun. Either way, I prefer that he does not see cartoons with such violence. So, I have searched high and low for cartoons that A) will entertain a baby and B) will not be so violent or shocking and C) are available for free on Youtube.

I have selected the some of the best cartoons on Youtube and created a lens called the Best FREE Cartoons. I have watched all of them together with my little guy and these meet with both of our approval. I hope that others can enjoy them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saving Money On Maternity Clothes

If you are pregnant and don't want to spend alot of money on clothes you will wear for only a few months, consider getting a maternity band. What is a maternity band? No, it is not a group of pregnant musicians. A maternity band is a type of belly band. It is something like a tank top which fits over your regular clothes and allows you to wear regular clothes during your pregnancy days. Though that simple explanation may make maternity bands sound tacky, many women are wearing maternity bands and enjoying the savings that they bring. If you have had any personal experiences with maternity bands, please leave a comment below.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buzzle Deleted All Of My Articles

I have had an account with Buzzle for about as long as I have had an account with Squidoo, which is 3-4 years. Over the years, Buzzle has gotten more and more difficult to work with. For example, initially you could have several links in an article and about 1 or 2 years ago, this was changed so that you could only have one link. A very restrictive policy, but because Buzzle appeared to be a quality website, I submitted content from time to time.

Recently, I went to submit a new article and discovered that all of my articles were gone! Deleted. No word from their administration, simply all ten of my articles, all written just for Buzzle had vanished. I wrote this to their admin:

I have had an account with Buzzle for years. I probably had 10 articles submitted and reviewed. All were original. Imagine my surprise to log on and find all of them gone. Those articles represented hours of work. What happened to them?

Here is the response:

We periodically review content from both current and inactive accounts. Such procedure updates our database to ensure Buzzle.com offers a high quality experience to our users. During routine reviews one or more of your articles were deleted so that our database remains updated with the latest content.

So, first Buzzle insists upon unique content. Then, they do not tell you, but your articles have a limited lifespan on their website. When they want to "update their website" they will simply delete all of your content and say nothing to you.

The other thing is that all of my content that I had submitted to Buzzle was plagiarized and appeared elsewhere on the internt by copyright thieves who had stolen my content. So now all of my hard work is gone, and only under the names of the copyright thieves who stole it. Thanks alot Buzzle.

Question, why would ANYONE write for Buzzle knowing that Buzzle will eventually delete their content? So, let this be a warning to other authors. Submitting content to Buzzle is a waste of time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free Childrens Songs

Children love to listen to music. But in addition to being entertaining some childrens music can also be educational. Some childrens music teach shapes, colors, alphabet as well as numbers. Best of all some of this music is free.

I have put together a lens featuring the some of the best free childrens songs available on Youtube. Sure you can find the same songs by goind directly to Youtube. But it will take you hours of work to find this great selection of quality free childrens songs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

ArticleZones Article Directory: Batting 50-50

As written earlier, I am trying to find article directories with which to generate links from my website. I will continue to post my findings here.

Article Zones is an article website which publishes immediately. Links are not allowed in the article body. Only two links are allowed in the resource box. That is a bummer. Only 250 words are required, which is a good thing.

I have submitted four articles to Article Zones. The first two which published in April 2010 and April 2011 were both indexed by Google. The second two which were published in May and June 2011 have not yet been indexed even though I submitted them to Pingler.

It is possible that in time these two articles will get indexed, so I will link to them here and come back and see: Why are people buying adult footies and The Most Unique Christmas Gift.

Who knows, maybe giving them a link from this blog will help in the indexing process.