Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where To Get The Best Adult Footie Pajamas For Christmas 2015?

Christmas season is upon us and it is always difficult to find a unique gift idea. What would be a unique Christmas Gift Idea for 2015? Kajamaz Adult Footie Pajamas have been launched in the USA and Canada. Kajamaz Footed Pajamas for Adults are now available via Amazon USA and Amazon Canada and Amazon UK as well as on all of Amazon's European websites and of course directly from the manufacturer at

So, why are Kajamaz the best Christmas Gift Idea for 2015? Because they are unique. Like all adult footie pajamas Kajamaz will keep you warm and cozy at night. But unlike most adult footed pajamas  which are mass produced in China, Kajamaz are hand made in Europe. Kajamaz adult onesie pajamas feature a "Made in Europe" label showing the wearer that you have bought them a quality gift!

The luxury does not stop at the label. You can feel the Kajamaz difference in the fabric that is used. Kajamaz adult footed pajamas are made from thick, soft fleece or 100% natural cotton. The warmest pajamas are the fleece pajamas, which are appropriate for people living in colder climates such as New York, New Jersey or Illinois. The 100% cotton flannel is double brushed, meaning that both sides of the pajamas are soft and cozy. They are appropriate Christmas Gifts for people who live in warmer climates such as Florida, California or Texas.

In addition to the fabric, Kajamaz all in one pajamas feature zippers made by YKK. As people in the clothing industry will tell you, the best and most reliable zips are made by YKK. YKK zips are easily recogizable by the familiar YKK logo on the zip pull. Most adult footie pajamas will have cheap zips made in China. Poor quality zips can easily break or get jammed. This rarely happens with quality zips such as those made by YKK.

Kajamaz also feature a uniquely designed butt flap. A butt flap on one piece pajamas is necessary so that the wearer does not have to get undressed to use the bathroom. However, most adult footie pajamas have silly looking back flaps which are similar to the butt flaps from turn of the century long johns. Only Kajamaz adult onsie pajamas have the uniquely designed backflap which was created to blend with the pajamas.

Those people who know adult one piece hooded footed pajamas will instantly feel the difference when wearing Kajamaz quality onesie footed pajamas. This quality and attention to detail is what makes Kajamaz the best Christmas gift idea for 2015.