Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Squidoo Lens In Top 10!

Ok, time to brag a bit. My footed pajamas lens has finally reached the top ten. As I write this, my footed pajamas lens is actually #10 overall and #4 in shopping. It has been flirting with the top ten for some weeks, but did not manage to reach it, usually hovering around #14 or #15. Today I looked and it was actually #10! YEAH ME!

I am very proud of this footed pajamas lens. My footed pajamas lens has been selected as lens of the day and was voted best shopping lens last year and was a purple star recipient. Not much more for it to win, so it is nice to get small achievements like this. :)


  1. Congrats, Chef Keem - all the cold weather and holiday shopping must be helping to push this fine footed pajamas lens to the top!

  2. Hi Pastiche:

    This is not Chef Keem's lens, but thanks for the congratulations!