Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dangers of Texting..caught on VIDEO!

We all know that it is dangerous to text while driving. But many, many people do it anyway. But we rarely get a chance to see WHY it is dangerous to text while doing something else that requires concentration, such as driving....or WALKING. Have a look at Cathy Cruz Marrero, a mall employee who is texting and walking in at Berkshire Mall:

Now according to reports Cathy Cruz Marrero works at Berkshire Mall, so she certainly should know that the fountain is there. However, while distracted she takes a bath in it. What is the next thing she does? What 90% of Americans do whenever they do something stupid. She SUES! Why is she sueing? Not because she fell into the fountain. But because a security guard released the video of her afternoon dip.

But this may not be the only reason. According to Fox News:

Assistant District Attorney Melissa J. Noyes says falling in a fountain wasn't Marrero's first mistake. The born again Christian currently owes $4,177 in restitution for charges she allegedly made to a co-worker's credit cards, Noyes told the Eagle.

"She is still on track to enter a guilty plea at some point down the road assuming she complies with all the conditions," Noyes said. "She's looking for house arrest instead of going to jail."

Marrero also has several theft cases and a hit-and-run charge on her record, the paper reported.

In another interview She says "It's funny, but you need to see the serious side of it," she said. "What if it was a senior citizen? Would it be funny then?"

Answer: Yes, it is funny to see someone bellyflop. That is why slapstick humor used to be so popular. Silly falls and dips like this still are popular. There TV shows based on humor such as "America's Funniest Home Videos". It is human nature to laugh at our own stupidity. Somewhat cruel human nature perhaps, but which one of us do not do it?

What is the lesson here? Obviously, texting requires more attention than you can imagine. And it is stupid to text while in motion. But the other lesson is that if you actually do something dumb like this just laugh at yourself and accept the fact that you are human and make mistakes. To get angry and sue just makes you look even stupider.

Would it be cruel to admit that I hope that this woman takes another bath?

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