Thursday, November 1, 2012

A funny new Hannukah cd: Mrs. Maccabee's Kitchen

If you're tired of the usual old Hanukkah songs, here are 17 new ones, in English, with many new perspectives on the old stories! Have a listen:

1. Ain't We Got Hanukah Fun?
2. Mrs. Maccabee's Kitchen
3. A Latke Tango
4. Nobody's Business What I Do
5. After We Get What We Want We Don't Want It
6. Pawn Shop Menorah
7. Doina on the Subject of Good & Bad Latkes
8. Rusishe Sher
9. Antiochus IV (You Crazy Coot) Tango
10. Yiddish Wisdom
11. Hanukah Cowboy-Style
12. Judith and Holofernes
13. Matathias Had a Camp in the Wilderness
14. I Have a Song to Sing, Oh!
15. Nes Gadol
16. Young Noah's Hanukah
17. Sour Cream and Hanukah Latkes
18. The Choliday Song

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