Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gift Ideas Social Marketing Community

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Gift Ideas Community

A bunch of us from Squidoo and other places in the gift ideas niche have teamed up together to form a social marketing community to share our best gift ideas. Basically group HQ is our social hub that connects our outposts on G+, FB, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

Because it's getting more and more difficult for the little guy to run with the big dogs online, there's more of a need than ever to form a tight active team to compete. Nowadays it's difficult to impossible for a single webmaster working on his/her own to rise to the top like cream.

Great gift ideas too!
Are you invested in the gift ideas niche? The Gift Metropolis Community just might be for you, and it's Squidoo friendly too! Join other good webmasters in getting more socially active and come share not only your resources but re-sharing, commenting on the best gift guides at the community from other members too, no schwag or spam please. Riff Raff spammers will be banned.

Once approved gift community members may share ideas with our gift ideas community on Google's new social network G+. Sharing gifts with the group may positively effect your Authorship authority at Google.  We also have an active gift ideas group community at Facebook and once approved for membership you can post your favorite gift ideas with the group. We also recommend sharing your gift ideas on our Tumblr featuring gifts for everybody. And of course we have a very nice gift ideas group over at Pinterest too.

Gift Ideas Community
Still reading? You must be interested, so please come over and take a look at our main base of operations which we call Gift Metropolis HQ. We have a nice gift ideas forum, cool social groups, and of course a gift ideas directory. I think your going to like it. If you decide you like it, and you agree to not only share your stuff but to generously share the gift ideas of other members also then please apply for membership, it's free.

Gift Metropolis

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