Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Today Contraceptive Sponge Is Back!

Do you remember the classic Seinfeld episode where Elaine interviewed her boyfriend to see if he was "sponge worthy"?

Elaine had heard that the Today Contraceptive Sponge was being withdrawn from the market, so she bought all she could find and jealously protected her stash. Well, Elaine, good news!

The Today Sponge is back!

Why do Elaine and other women prefer the Today Sponge:
The Sponge has a triple mode of action:

* Blocks the cervix, preventing semen from passing
* Contains spermicide which kills sperm
* Absorbs the semen.

But one of the best features is that, since the sponge is effective for 24 hours, it can be inserted well ahead of sex so there is no need to interupt activities. And unlike many other forms of contraception there is no need to reapply if there is repeat sex.

What caused Elaine to hoard her Sponges?

The sponge has had an unpredictable history. The sponge was withdrawn from the market, because the manufacturing plant had complaints from the FDA. Then the sponge came back and after a few months the manufacturer filed for bankruptcy and the sponge again disappeared. Hopefully, the Today Sponge is here to stay.

Who should consider the Sponge?
* Women who smoke. Due to increased blood clot risks, many smokers should not take the pill.
* Women who have problems with the pill's side effects (weight gain, nausea, etc).
*Women who have infrequent sex and do not want to be constantly exposed to hormones.
*Couples who are seeking a convenient, 24 hour effective which does not get in the way of the passion.

But since only male and female condoms decrease the transmission of STDs, the sponge should only be used in monogamous relationships where STDs are not a concern.

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