Sunday, February 1, 2009

There Aren't Enough Hours in the Day

I don't know about anyone else but I sometimes get overwhelmed. I absolutely love Squidoo and anyone who knows me is aware that my topics are wide ranged. I also belong to just about every social network known to man. I am a content writer who typically writes about 10,000 words a day (for another Marketing company). I'd like to make the most out of affiliate marketing and use Squidoo as a part of it as much as I can, but the things I love most just don't have many products. I even thought of starting my own products but then I'd have to think about the sales page and working on the website (such as for a clickbank product.)

Does anyone else feel like they are running a race against themselves? I work and get nowhere it seems! I get all of these brilliant ideas that I end up going nowhere with because I don't follow through or I get another brilliant idea. Things were so much simpler when I just wrote Squidoo lenses and that was it! Good times...good times.

Information overload is a problem we all face at one time or another. We almost have to spend so much time promoting ourselves that we lose sight of who we are and what we care about. We stop writing about what we love and start looking for things that will make us money. There has to be a happy medium. Instead of trying to work on 15 different projects I need to complete one to the end and then begin another. Does anyone else find themselves running ragged like this?

I miss Squidoo. I miss the community, the committment I used to have to writing and the creativity that was available. There just aren't enough hours in the day


  1. Hi Veronica

    Yes, sometimes I feel that way too. If you are trying to make a living at online business such as Squidoo and affilate marketing it can be frustrating.

    You can have lots of ideas and start lots of projects and work very hard to build up your revenues. Then one day, your traffic just disappears.

    I think it is healthier to use Squidoo and other online marketing as a fun, money making hobby, not as the main source of income.

    Then you will feel better about making some lenses for fun and others for profit, while you focus the majority of your time during the day to your more stable form of income.

    Although online activities can be addictive and it can be hard to limit the time and energy that we put into them, online revenue is fleeting and not a good stable way of earning money.

  2. I feel the same way you do, but to a lesser extent. I believe there are enough hours in the day, I just don't always use them the way I should. Like you, I have wasted much time on things that didn't work out, and over time, I've come to recognize the "will not work" ideas far more quickly. Like Eurosquid said, building lenses for fun and not as a major source of income is the way to go. Squidoo is where I can pour my passions, and as such, it is a blessed break from the rat race.

  3. Veronica, I have been feeling overwhelmed lately too, which usually leads to wheel-spinning. On one hand, I'm working with a publisher on another book release in July, and I'm working like crazy to complete eight pieces of jewelry in anticipation of opening an Etsy shop...and I daydream (and night-dream) about Squidoo constantly...and my husband's job is fading away any day now due to company closure.

    Stress runs high when I spin my wheels. This week I have spent blocks of time decluttering (I get grouchy when my workspace is piled up), plus I've backed away to read or do something fun. I spent an hour in a bead store and loved the down time. Wrote a post (Everybody Has Stuff about it yesterday at Blogspired.

    Take a breather. That's my best advice. Otherwise it will catch up with you healthwise. An hour away from the crazyness will feel like a vacation. Trust me on that.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    SeedPlanter Thanks a lot. I meant that I not only Squidoo and affiliate market, but am a content writer and work hard overall. I see you are sort of in the same boat. My Squidoo is going great, and my affiliate marketing ok, there just aren't enough hours in the day!