Saturday, March 14, 2009

How To Earn a Few Extra Dollars On Squidoo

Want a quick way to earn a little more money from Squidoo? Improve your lensrank. Lenses which rank above 2,000 will usually earn over $10 per month. Lenses with rank above 10,000 will usually earn +/- $2.

There are many factors which determine lensrank, including sales, clickouts, ratings, etc. Most of these are difficult to influence. But the factor that seems to have the most impact on lensrank is also the one that is easiest to control: Lens Freshness.

Lenses with high traffic and lenses which are recently updated have the best chances of having a higher lensrank. I have over 100 lenses and it is difficult to keep them all up to date. So, I focus on keeping my lenses with the best traffic up to date. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on "My Lenses"
  • On the column “Visits” click the arrow until all of the lenses are listed starting from the lenses with the highest traffic to the lowest.
  • Now look at the category “Edited”. Your top ten lenses should all be updated within the past 2-3 months.

    If they are not, take a few minutes to refresh. Add a new module, such as a poll or a debate; make sure that your Amazon lenses are featuring the products you want them to feature. See if there is a good Youtube video to add to your lens.

    Once you have updated, go back in 1-2 days and you will most likely see that your lens has improved in lens rank.

    Keeping your lenses with the highest traffic up to date is your best chances of getting some of your lens ranked in the top tiers and the easiest way to earn a few extra dollars every month.


    1. You know some how I knew this, but for some inexplicable reason it just never really clicked in the brain pan until I read it here. I have a lens that does really well, others that do okay and still others that just... well, do. Thanks for telling us something we need to hear every now and again.

      Joe Tedesco

    2. Thanks for this useful tip! I will try this out...

    3. While you are at it- a lens that has been last updated a month or more ago, can be squidcast about as well -> potential votes and favorites from your fans. Which is also good for lensrank.