Saturday, March 21, 2009

Squidoo Trivia

Did you know that the average visitor to Squidoo is likely to be a white, not affluent, childless female?

How do I know that? Quantcast's Squidoo Review has that information and more. Other interesting Squidoo Facts:

* In March 2009, roughly 11 million people will visit Squidoo.
* Squidoo's traffic is growing nicely. Traffic has nearly doubled over the past year!
* 31% of the visits are from regulars (us Squids) and 69% from passers by.
* Nearly half of Squidoo's traffic is coming from outside of the USA.

The last piece of information is possibly the most interesting for me, as many of my lenses are sales lenses and I live outside of the USA. Squidoo's main sales partner is, which is NOT an international sales platform. Most of's sales are stupidly restricted to the USA. When will American retailers realize that the internet is global?

So, if you only have Amazon modules on your lenses, nearly half of the people who will visit your lens can not buy from you! I wonder what Seth Grodin (Squidoo Mastermind, in case you don't know) thinks about that?


  1. Also interesting: minorities (except asians) are over represented. That is: compared to other sites we have more African Americans and Hispanics - still only 9% and 8%, but still.

    The difference between male and female isn't as big as I'd have thought. 46% / 54%

    People with kids are over represented, but are still only 42% of the whole.

  2. I wonder how they figure out the gender of site visitors if the bio is kept generic. Do they have access to personal (sign-up) information?

  3. No, Quantcast does not have access to informaiton from Squidoo. Here is how they make their audience estimates: "Our estimates start.... with a panel of several million people who anonymously share their web usage history with us. Using statistical techniques we project which sites the rest of the U.S. web audience is visiting and publish basic profiles reflecting those estimates.

    You can read more here:

  4. Thanks for clarifying this, Gene. It's quite interesting!