Friday, January 15, 2010

Freelance Home Writer: Excellent Resource About Article Writing Sites

As I posted recently, I am looking for an article writing site to meet certain critieria. I have not found it yet and I am not sure it exists. Here are my criteria:

* Appear high in the search engines
* Are a good source of quality anchor text "DoFollow" links
* Send some traffic to my sites
* Pay some money
* Not require much "social networking"
* Be easy to use

Basically, I am looking for something like Ezinearticles or a GoArticles which pay money too. I have already ruled out several sites, including:

* Hubpags: If your hubs fall below a certain ranking, the links become NoFollow
* EHow: Resource Links are NoFollow
* Associated Content: Resource Links Are Nofollow
* Helium: Requires that you vote on other articles and others must vote on yours.

In the meantime I have located a very good source of information about article writing sites, called Freelance Home Writer. The blogger "Willow Sidhe" is a freelance writer. She checks out all of the paid article writing sites and reviews them. She even tells how much money she earns.

Willow appears to prefer EHow due to how much money she is earning. EHow does look like a good site, however, oddly their links are NoFollow. This rules Ehow out for me, as I want an article writing site which can go along with my Squidoo lenses and websites, sending traffic and links my way.

I will keep looking, but in the meantime Willow's blog is VERY useful. Check it out.


  1. What about Infobarrel?
    Another Squidoo LM recommended it.

  2. Ehow seems to be in a big mess. see squidu.

  3. Jimmie

    Infobarrel does indeed look to be what I am seeking!! I had a quick look and what I like is:

    * there is good quality material (not spammy)
    * Links are DO FOLLOW!! (that is difficult to find these days.
    * You make money from your content.

    What I do not know yet is, do they send much traffic your way and how complicated it is. But my first impression of Infobarrel is a positive one, I will investigate it further and perhaps make a post about it here at Valley Of the Giants. Thanks for the tip!

    Katinka: Thanks for telling me about Ehow. I heard something similiar about Xomba. Apparently, they recently converted all of their links from dofollow to nofollow and made alot of people very upset. I see that Ehow is also nofollow. This makes no sense to me at all. I guess they want to eliminate spammy submissions, but they should find another way to do that.