Friday, January 8, 2010

Squidoo Strategy is WORKING!

I have been meaning to post this for sometime, but I wanted to be certain before making this exciting announcement. My Squidoo strategy seems to be working. If you do not know my Squidoo strategy, let me give you a brief outline. Here is what I do:

* Get my ideas for interesting products in interesting niche markets from sources such as Amazon Best Sellers, BuzzFeed, O-Magazine, etc.
* Make as many squidoo lens on the most interesting products using best guesses about what might be successful.
* Create links in order to draw traffic to the Squidoo pages.
* See what products are selling successfully.
* Based on Squidoo sales success, select a few topics and build websites around the topic.
* Use Popshops as the core of the websites in order to easily manage them.
* Create sub-niche Squidoo pages in order to offer not only links and traffic to the website's home page, but also deep-links and traffic to the website's subpages.

As a result, I earn Squidoo income from the Squidoo pages and affilate income from the websites.
This strategy has worked for my Footed Pajamas business, so I have now launched a brand new website called Slippers Shoes. The new website will offer cozy slippers. I have recently built this website and an now finalizing the content for it. I am also currently creating Squidoo pages based on each of the website's subpages. I am excited about the new website and also have plans for future websites.

I guess that this is not rocket science and that many Squids are pursuing a similar strategy. However, after nearly 3 years with Squidoo, this approach has only started coming into focus for me. Slow learner, perhaps?

I will keep you informed of my progress in upcoming posts here on Valley of the Giants.


  1. Great strategy! I love the slippers site. Very pretty with a good selection. Looks like a great business model and I'm glad it's all coming together for you.

  2. This sounds like a good strategy to me and is along the lines of what I have been thinking of doing myself, although I would probably be covering different areas than you.

    My 70+ lenses that are on topics that I have an interest in, have not achieved the success that I hoped for in either traffic or earnings, and month by month they grow colder.

    Finding a popular topic and building lenses around that topic is the way to go. The traffic will come.

    This reminded me of a find over the weekend, a lensmaster with a handful of lenses that had only 1 or 2 modules, were mostly clones of each other and interlinked, but because they were on a popular topic they were in the top 2,000. Needless to say I saw RED as I usually do when spam or worthless content takes top tier monies away from genuine lensmasters.

  3. Hi Poddys

    I tend to pick topics that are niche. I think you have a much better chance of getting highly ranked on google for a niche lens than for a non-niche lens. That said, once you have a niche, I dont see anything wrong with going after that niche from various different angles. I do not think you need to make clones. But for example, lets say you see on Amazon that Garmin GPS systems are hot. You make a squidoo lens about Garmin GPS systems and it sells well. Then why not do several lenses about Garmin GPS systems, each based on important long-tailed keywords:

    Garmin Nuvi GPS
    Garmin Handheld GPS
    Garmin Etrex GPS
    Garmin Bluetooth GPS
    Cheap Garmin GPS

    Then if you make a website about Garmin GPS Systems each one of those lenses have a chance to rank well on Google for their keyword and be able to send traffic to your website.