Sunday, July 18, 2010

When you need a long, cheap swivel arm for your 26" hdtv...

home-made extension arm to add to a purchased tv swivel arm
A lightning storm took out my ancient, gigantic tv, so old that I designed my built-in bureau AROUND IT when I built my house in 1996! So I have a nice empty space now where the tv used to be - and an opportunity to bring the new flat-screen replacement tv closer to me when I lie in bed and watch!

Store-bought swivel arms (articulating arms, swing arm wall mounts) are very expensive. In my brand-new lens Make your own tv swivel arm extension, I show you how to make a sturdy extension that will bring your tv closer, let you swing it further around, and - hurrah - make it possible to use a smaller, cheaper store-bought swing arm (I paid $20 for mine) on a larger tv.

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