Monday, July 26, 2010

Will The Greying of The Population Make Science Fiction A Reality?

Were you aware that there are approximately 3 million wheelchair users in the USA? That number is rapidly increasing and currently represents approximately 1 in 100 people. You may not realize that the number is so large, because during your day when you see 100 people, you will rarely see that 1 wheelchair user.

But one result of the rapidly growing number of people with disabilities is the rapid growth in disability equipment. The markets for disability equipment like the common wheelchair and the everyday mobility scooter are becoming larger and larger.

But also more futuristic disability products such as exoskeleton suits for wheelchair users are now coming to the market. These products which were once only seen in science fiction shows like The Bionic Man, are now a fact. They exist.

For example, this product which allows paralyzed people to walk again was recently launched in New Zealand and will soon be marketed worldwide:

The fact is that the aging of the population is changing not only the demographics of society, but may also help to turn science fiction into everyday reality.

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