Thursday, September 2, 2010

HOT TIP: Blog Network Offers Multiple Backlinks FREE

As online publishers we are always on the lookout for free links to our websites and Squidoo lenses. As we all know, search engines love links. The more the better. I have found a way to get several quality links for free. It is called PubRocket.

PubRocket is a network of blogs. There are over 200 blogs in the network divided amongst various topics including Beauty, Business, Dating, Domestic, Fashion, Financial, Fitness, Health, Home Improvement, News, Pets, Pregnancy, Shopping, Technology.

You only have to write a 200 word article and you can get it published FREE on any three of those blogs. In each article you may include 3 backlinks for free.

It is simple to use, you just add your article to your dashboard, select the 3 blogs from a list of 200 and click on publish. You are then asked to submit different titles for each of the 3 articles. Although I am not sure if changing only the title is enough for the search engines to not consider them duplicate content, it seems like a good idea.

The 200 blogs have google PR which range between PR0 to PR3. So you will quickly have backlinks from 3 different quality blogs. Sound great? It is great, with one little catch. I published my first article yesterday and today had the thought to check the IP address of the 3 blogs I selected. Unfortunately, all three of the blogs I selected had the same IP address.

Some believe that links from the same IP address may be seen by search engines as coming from the same website. That is, that the search engines understand that there is a relationship between websites hosted at the same IP address and may treat all three blogs as though they are the same blog. So, it is possible that you are not actually getting links from 3 different blogs, but as though all three links come from the same blog. Who knows for sure? Only Google.

I love the idea of PubRocket and will be testing it in the future. If anyone has suggestions for other blog networks like PubRocket, please let me know.


  1. I hate to rain on the parade, but spam is spam and duplicate content with a different title will be easy to capture and squash (in relation to Page Rank and link traction).

    The search engines do look for content duplication and IP addresses - they even manage to get rid of scraped content in not too much time. The best method for getting traction from inbound links is to create unique article content that's original, contains target keywords used appropriately and to be sure your blog or web site get updated regularly. Schemes are schemes, and Google dev is definitely ahead of the game on this type of ... spam. Sorry, but that's the reality.

  2. Hi Pastiche:

    Thanks for your comment, but I will have to disagree with you. The problem with anything related to SEO, is that no one really knows what "reality" is. How do you know what search engines look for? Do you work for Google?

    What is the difference between posting on PubRocket and posting on an article directory site such as which will then allow your content to be used on other websites? I think that PubRocket is better, because half of the time you post on an article directory, someone takes your content and puts their own link on it. So, you get duplicate content anyway without the benefit of the link to your website.

    Please read what Matt Cutts has to say on the subject of duplicate content. Yes, he says it is best to provide a link to the original in order to ensure that the original content has more page rank. But he does not even hint that duplicate content is something to be avoided.

    I do not know if having three posts of with the same content is beneficial. But I think it can not hurt.

  3. Thanks for the post! Just wanted to let you know that Pubrocket's sites are now on IP ranges. This was on our to-do and we just implemented it. Hope you find the service useful.

  4. Hi Pubrocket: Thanks for the message, I wish that were the case. But I just checked and all blogs still have the same IP address. So, I really do not understand the meaning of your comment. I sent you a message via your website, I hope you contact me.