Sunday, October 17, 2010

US Air Boots Passanger Because He Is Too Disabled To Fly

I came across a story that astounded me. A US Airways employee booted a wheelchair user from a flight because he was "too disabled to fly alone" as you can see from this video:

In fact, ADA rules allow airlines to do this.

Carriers may require the following individuals to be accompanied by an attendant....A person with a mobility impairment so severe that the individual is unable to assist in his or her own evacuation from the aircraft.

The carrier and the passenger may disagree about the applicability of one of these criteria. In such cases, the airline can require the passenger to travel with an attendant, contrary to the passenger’s assurances that he or she can travel alone. However, the carrier cannot charge for the transportation of the attendant.

I find this unfair and discriminatory. A Wheelchair user is then left to any airline employee's opinion about whether they can fly that day or not. How can a wheelchair user ever make a flight alone?


  1. It's highly discriminatory and also highly subjective. The airline needs to specify (if they are going to have this rule) who can and cannot make that judgement. I hope he wins a billion dollar reward.

  2. Veronica: Exactly. This guy has been flying on his own for years. Suddenly, some guy says "no", based upon his judgement. So now everytime this wheelchair user flies he has to hold his breath and hope that no one pulls him off of the plane at the last minute? It just arbitrary and discriminatory. I also hope he wins a billion dollars.