Friday, August 19, 2011

Squidoo Tips and Tricks #1: Put Duel AND Comment Box On ALL Lenses

I have decided to start a new feature called "Squidoo Tips and Tricks". Squidoo Tips and Tricks will be the things that I have learned in my five or so years of being in Squidoo. Many of them will be small reminders, which you may already know. I hope some of these will be helpful.

Here is tip #1: Put BOTH duel and comment box on all lenses. Allow everyone (not just logged in Squidoo members) to post, but require that you approve all posts. Strip out all HTML. Above you will find a screen grab of how I set all of my duel and comment modules. Why?

Search engines like fresh content. If a website or lens is old and not updated, in time it will drop in the rankings. Comment box and duel modules allow site visitors to create content for you. Not only do you get to read their interesting feedback, these modules keep your lens fresh. This is why I allow everyone to post whether they are member of Squidoo or not. However, you get a lot of spam. So, you must review all comments before they are allowed to be posted. While I typically delete most posts with links or html inside, check the "strip out htmal" in case you let one slip by. Why? You can get punished for having links to bad websites.

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