Friday, November 4, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes: A New Alternatives to Cigarettes

So many cigarette smokers try repeatedly to quit smoking and yet fail miserably. Despite knowing the risk of smoking, they are unable to quit. Cigarettes are known to be incredibly addictive.

Electronic cigarettes
may offer a solution for some. Electronic cigarettes is basically vaporized nicotine which has a flavor that, to many, tastes similar to regular cigarettes. However, nothing is burnt and nothing toxic is inhaled.

An article by the American Association of Public Health Physicians
, states "E-cigarettes deliver the same nicotine found in the pharmaceutical products, with no more contamination by toxic substances than the pharmaceutical products already approved by FDA."

Some people may be able to use electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. Others who can not stop, may be healthier smoking electronic cigarettes rather than regular cigarettes. In either case, electronic cigarettes may allow a certain part of the population to lead a healthier life.

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