Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evolution of a Lens: Deli Sandwiches

When I was asked to make a food lens during my one RocketMoms experience, I went into a panic. I'd never made a food lens before. In fact, I have a very spotty relationship with cooking issues as one might detect from reading my fear of cooking lens.

Making a lens about food sounded frightening, at best.

At the time I'd recently lost a restaurant job - one I'd been at for eighteen months. Though cooking at home had been problematic for me, especially in my early youth, I loved cooking at the restaurant. One thing I loved was the opportunity to work on deli sandwich making.

I decided to make my lens on how to create a great deli sandwich.

I wasn't expecting much to come of it.

The lens looked good, I passed that part of the Rocket Moms challenge, and pretty much forgot about it.

Months later I noticed the deli sandwich lens was rising in popularity and lensrank.

Who would have guessed?

The lens went live in August 2009. By September the lensrank was 25,081. I expected it to stay there and be a non-prospering lens, but no... it has never gone that low since then. Only a year later it had its highest lensrank ever: 665.

Since then the lens has floated around in lower-first tier or second tier. Usually second. I've tried to backlink it but so far my efforts haven't succeeded in making it a steady first tier lens.

So far this month it has been in first tier two out of twenty-seven days. It is a borderline lens I very much want to see do better.

With lifetime earnings, so far, of $452, I'm very grateful that I took that Rocket Moms challenge on, and made my first food lens. That's more than I could earn writing an article about deli sandwiches for a major New York women's magazine!


LindaJM is a Squidoo lensmaster and owner of The Squid Grotto.

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