Thursday, July 12, 2012

INSTANTLY Add Google Plus One Button To Blogger Blog

If you have a blogger blog (like this one) you may be asking yourself:

How Can I Add A Google Plus One Button To My Blogger Blog?

I searched the internet for several days about how to easily and quickly add a Google Plus Button. Almost every article I found suggested adding some kind of complicated code into my blogger template. Don't believe me? Here is one article from Blogger Sentral which suggests how to add a Google Plus Button by adding changing the HTML of the blog template. Who wants to mess around with changing your blog's code? As a non-techie, I really wanted to avoid that headache.

I was certain that since Blogger is owned by Google, they would make it easy to integrate a Google Plus Button into a Blogger Blog. But it seemed like a secret that no one knew. Suddenly, I stumbled upon the answer and it was even easier than I could imagine. No messy coding required. So, I made a Squidoo Lens complete with screen grabs to show everyone just how simple it is. 

In just one minute you can learn how to EASILY:

* Add a Google Plus Button to your blog and customize the look of the button
* Add a Google Plus Button after each post
* Add a Google Plus Badge (to make it easy for blog visitors to visit my Google Plus Page)

Click here to read about putting Google Plus On Blogger in about one minute. Once you read this, you may even say "Yes, of course, that is so obvious I should have thought about that before" 

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