Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 1st Squid Birthday

On the 30th of January I celebrated my one year birthday on I came to Squidoo from the Cafepress forums. Originally I was after some free backlinks for my cafepress stores. I created my first Squidoo lens about my Hotrod and Muscle Car cafepress store. My next month I created another 23 lenses, and had found out about the Giants program. I figured having 50 lenses was better than having 23, so I kept busy making other lenses! I haven't looked back since! On my one year birthday, I had 351 lenses sitting in my account! I have covered topics that I am interested in, like recipes, since I have spent most of my life as a cook, Martial Arts, Muscle Cars, Coin Collecting, and other various topics along the way!
So what did I do on my one year birthday? I bought a domain name and set up a website! I want to introduce to you...


  1. Hi Thomas:

    Interesting concept. Had a look a Squidbuilders. I am amazed that you would build a site for $25! That is CHEAP!

    I guess that building even a basic lens takes me at least 2 hours. Possibly more.

    I sonder if you are getting many takers? I wish you the best of luck with Squidbuilders. Looks very nice.

  2. I have sold a lot of 25.00 dollar lenses. It takes about 2 hours to make those basic lenses, and I sell a lot of them so I am happy!