Saturday, May 22, 2010

FREE Baby Songs : Selected By An Expert!

As new parents, we are always on the lookout for something good for our baby. And I will share one of our best secrets with you. When our baby is fussy, tired, grouchy and nothing seems to work, we show him his favorite baby songs and they calm him down like nothing else.

One of the great things about these baby songs is that they are eductional. These baby songs teach our baby about numbers, the alphabet or just "I love you". They never fail to make him smile. The other great things about these baby songs is that they are FREE Baby Songs. Why are these baby songs free? They are hosted on YouTube. But believe me, you will search for hours on YouTube finding quality baby songs. Our baby did the work for you. He listened to many, many baby songs before he selected THESE baby songs.

These baby songs are the work of the people at Super Simple Songs. The people who produce Super Simple Songs are apparently Americans who run an English school in Japan. One of their previous teachers, Jeremy, starred in a collection of videos and these are the baby songs that our baby loves best.

When our baby is tired, grouchy and crying, we just go to his baby songs and sing along with him. This never fails to bring a smile to his face. Maybe other babies will enjoy these free baby songs too/

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