Friday, May 28, 2010

Postpartum Girdle: Myth Or Magic?

If you are considering pregnancy you may hear about a product which is relatively new in the US market called a "postpartum girdle". You may also wonder about the claims that a postpartum girdle may help reduce size of a woman's waist after pregnancy.

The truth is that until now, although no one is absolutely sure what a postpartum girdle does, a postpartum girdle may help and for most women it probably can not hurt.

While postpartum girdles are new in the US, abdominal binders have been around in some form or another in many countries for many generations. Although postpartum girdles are not yet routinely used in the USA after pregnancy, postpartum girdles are basically a type of compression garment. Compression garments are considered routine, standard therapy after many types of surgeries to help in the healing process.

While there have been no clinical studies to prove if a postpartum girdle works, many women do report that after using a postpartum girdle, their abdominal shape returns to near pre-pregnancy condition.

If you are considering a postpartum girdle, why not ask your OB/GYN or health care provider if there is any reason not to give a postpartum girdle a try?

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