Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Be Successful With The Opposite Sex

In this Lens about 10 Ways To Meet People, there is a poll for single men and another for single women asking "What Is the Most Important Thing That You Look For" in a potential partner. Nearly 500 men and 200 women have given answers. That is a lot of answers!

I spent a few minutes reviewing the results of these surveys and found something interesting. The number one response for men is "The Face", while the number one response for women is "Values". This is not a huge surprise. More of a surprise to me at least, is that the number two response for both men and women is "Sense of Humor".

So, if men want a woman with a pretty face who can make them laugh and women want a decent guy who can make them laugh, then is this the secret to success with the opposite sex?

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