Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Bucket List

Okay, this really doesn't have much to do with Squidoo except to say that you'll find all kinds of lenses on topics you never thought to write about. One topic was the bucket list, and I was reading all these wonderful dreams people have of doing before they "kick the bucket". I started thinking about a bucket list of my own and realized that mine would pale in comparison because thanks to my Aspergers, I'm just not that adventurous. The stress associated with travel and change is enough to make me happy with just staying home. So, I've come up with my perfect "bucket list" of things I would love to accomplish that wouldn't over stress me. Mainly because they would be next to impossible, so I wouldn't have to worry about them.
1)Learn to make myself completely invisible. (I wouldn't have to socialize)
2)Travel to other dimensions at will. (No travel preparations or cost)
3)Find the fountain of youth. (In my backyard)
4)Discover another planet capable of sustaining human life. (During those dimension travels)
5)Uncover a diamond mine. (Beside that fountain of youth in my backyard)
6)Write a speech that inspires all people to live together in harmony. (If only...)
7)Create a teleportation device. (No more airports)
8)Win a Nobel Peace Prize. (For that harmony speech)
9)Discover a way to make all food and drink good for you. (Wouldn't that be awesome?)
10)Build a holodeck like the ones on Star Trek. (So I can pretend I've accomplished my Bucket List)


  1. So, I'm wondering does this mean you want to live forever? ;-)

  2. Fame, wealth, youth and power. What a wonderful combination! I guess if you have all of that we would never see you again on Squidoo?

  3. To ArtByLinda: Yes, I would love to live as long as I wished. As a matter of fact, I've almost convinced myself it's possible, which means my future probably has a mental institution in it somewhere and in my delusional state, I'd believe I was the queen of the castle.

    To Eurosquid: I'd still be on Squidoo, 'cause it would still be fun!