Thursday, April 2, 2009

Online Income - Stop Learning, Start Earning!

Make money online NOW! (This is my new mantra.)

It's been a while since I've posted on this fabulous blog. I've been busy squidooing, learning, angeling and most importantly - building a new online venture with my dear friend and fellow Squid Angel Squidster: - a new online magazine with news, tips, entertainment and resources for Squidoo lensmasters.

(Hang on for a sec - I'll get to the "make money online" thing after the next paragraph!)

Anywayz, I've been posting a lot over there and I've learned a ton about blogging and online marketing. Matter of fact, I've found so many incredible resources on this topic that I thought I'll need several more years to wade through these before I can start making any moolah. Ugh.

And then I stumbled upon these quotes:

“…probably the biggest enemy of achievement of success online…is the notion that you’ve got to learn it all before you begin.”

“The biggest key to succeeding with online marketing is simply being brave enough to get down on the ground and get your face muddy enough times that you’ll eventually stumble into success.”

These pearls of wisdom can be found in a post by Ian Hollander on his blog Karmic Consulting. I wrote a comment on this post here, or if you prefer to ignore my 5-cents-worth you can jump right into this fine article here:

Cash Crash Creation Q & A: Marketing, Meditation and Momentum

Btw, Ian offers a free ebook on article writing and marketing that is packed with his tips on this subject. I downloaded it, and so far Mr. Hollander has been a true gentleman in regard to further marketing mailings (for not-free stuff). Go get it straight from the side bar on his blog.

So, what am I saying here? Well, I say the same as I venture to suspect in my blog comment on SquidLog:

Could it be that my delirious info hunt is nothing but an excuse for not getting ‘down and dirty’ and doing it?

  • Research keywords
  • Pick the product
  • Create the lens, blog, website
  • Promote the hell out of it
  • Repeat
I have too much fun with lensbuilding, twittering, blogging, reading blogs, etc. - this has got to change! I need to manage my time better and think more about which of these activities contribute to online income in the near future!

I need to start applying what I know already. I've learned enough for now. I can do it!

What do you think about this plan?

(The puppy image is from the gorgeous Creative Commons collection of lensmaster Heather Katsoulis.)


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I feel like I'm in a similar position, albeit with much less wiggle room.

  2. I think that this concept is true in most professions. You get better as you do, and you build on your successes.

  3. it really can be difficult to just jump right in; there's always a bit of doubt in the back of your mind. but you learn much more quickly when you experience as opposed to planning.

    (thanks for using my photo :)

  4. Yep, there's a fine line between planning and procrastination - tee hee! But what I find is that a lot of people who I regard as good lensmasters seem to share this trait! I know I find that I log on with the intention of getting actual lensbuilding done and then I check my inbox. Then I get the email feed from Squidoosphere and then I get distracted by good blog posts like this one...........:)

  5. Ok, well you nailed me good there, Keem, m'friend. Stop learning and start earning. It has a nice ring.