Saturday, May 23, 2009


I opened my email to a nice surprise yesterday. I got a congratulations email on my new Purple Star from The Squid Team for my Lens about Footed Pajamas for Adults. That was cool. But the amazing thing was that I had not even applied for that lens!

Last month, when Purple Stars were announced, I applied for a different, newer lens. But as I wrote in a post on this blog, it was not chosen. So, it was really surprising when a lens that I did not nominate was selected.

Thanks Bonnie, Patti and Robin!


  1. I got a purple star, too! It was on "My Vegetable Garden" lens. I had submitted this lens when the PS program became public as it was about a "topic" the team had suggested. That lens did not make it then.

    So, I was surprised when I was notified that it got a PS a month later. (Supposedly, the list of submissions are wiped clean after each awarding of the PS.)

    I was thrilled! So, I also want to thank Bonnie, Patti and Robin!