Monday, May 4, 2009

Life Between the Dash

As I was reading the post by Veronica on Giant Thoughts, my thoughts went back to a poem and slide-show presentation that I used last year on a personal family history blog. It is simply called "The Dash". The poem presentation had created such an impression on me at the time that I just had to go back to it again, watch the slide-show, and read the dialogue with each photo. I was not disappointed.

The poem has became even more significant for me because 2 years ago yesterday; my mentor, my friend, my inspiration, and my father, passed away. On his tombstone read the years 1915-2007. I spoke at his funeral giving a brief eulogy, pointing out some of the happy events that he had created for me and my 5 siblings. For you see, it was those years between the birth and death date (the dash) that had significance to us and Dad's many friends and relatives. It was not the date of birth nor the date of death.

Likewise, it is our life (the dash between the dates) that will be remembered after we are gone. As sqidooers, we become many things to many people. We never know what our influence is or will be to others who follow our lenses. Live life with "gusto", love, and laughter. Let that adventuresome spirit come through in your lenses. You will be glad you did and others will be the better for it.

Check out The DASH poem. You want soon forget it.


  1. Lovely, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Wow, that was beautiful. You are fortunate to have had such a close and loving relationship with your father.

  3. You left a comment on my post about the napalm attack in 1972 ("Johns Greatest Regret" )and so I followed you here. Thank you for linking me to The Dash.I have not yet lost either parent and can only imagine the hole it leaves.