Friday, January 9, 2009

Giant Blog with Giant Benefits for Giant Squids

Gigantic idea, ESQ - thanks so much for inviting me as a contributor! Your first posts already provide some good tips for us. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

So, I'm Chef Keem and I do Squidoo. A lot. Too much, says my wife. Sorry, honey - but I love Squidoo and I'm confident that in a couple of years you'll agree with me. (While we're traveling in Europe and our online biz is running on its own.)

For today's post, I want to make an announcement:

A new batch of Squid Angels has arrived. This time, they won't retire the previous team, but rather be added as support for the huge amount of service work for new lenses and lensmasters. Squidoo's been growing by leaps and bounds. Yeah! If you'd like to find out more about "Squid Angels" please visit my lens:

"Squid Angel Blessings by Chef Keem"

If you ever wonder about the "bless-worthiness" of your page, check out this "sticky" in the Angels forum.

Squid Angels are a friendly bunch - they love to "bless" quality lenses and give them a little lensrank boost. On the other hand, Angels have the power to "ding" a lens, and send it to the bottom of the pit. Believe me - without all the "clean-up" work behind the scenes, Squidoo would be filled with spammy junk, causing a negative impact on the earning power of quality lenses.

Go, hug an Angel today!


  1. awesome! I would love to be a squid angel.

  2. Blessings to you Angels for helping keep us as unspammified as possible. Kudos!