Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Beginning

I am not an expert on blogging, but I have an interesting idea for a Squidoo Blog. Lets see how this turns out. My idea is to create a Squidoo oriented site. Initially, I will probably just feature my own lenses. But I want to turn this into a blog about Squidoo authored by Squid Giants.

I plan to allow other Squid Giants to post here. This would develop into a community tool where any Squid Giant can post on whatever interests them. For example:

* Squidoo Tips
* Great Lenses They Have Found
* What They Like about Squidoo
* What They Would Like To See Improved
* Etc, Etc.

If you are a Squid Giant and would like to post here, contact me (EuroSquid) and lets discuss it.