Thursday, January 22, 2009

Write about your passion

It seems that there are a lot of lenses on Squidoo focusing on SEO and selling this and that, I even have some of those selling types, but the lenses I enjoy making are those that focus on what I love. If you look through my lensography, you won't have to wonder about what I find intriguing, Castles and Astronomy! Do I make anything from them, not much. At least not enough to brag about, but those are the ones that get the most attention from me, and they are slowly becoming more and more popular. Now, if you Squidoo for money only, and do not care to "waste time" on something that you are really passionate about (other than money), then I can understand all the money makers, and I wish I had the discipline to create a few more myself so I could make some extra dough, but I don't feel the passion for my lenses that are built around products. I guess I'm talking to those of you who feel like me, and I think it's okay. I'm not going to lie, I'm doing Squidoo for some extra cash, and would like a lot of extra cash. I understand the importance of keywords and such, but if I don't like the way the Big Blue Title looks, then I wont use it, and keywords be darned! Will I ever make much from my favorite lenses, probably not, but they are still my beautiful, interesting babies, and I love them.

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