Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make your Squidoo Lens more SEO friendly

Hello readers! My name is Thomas, I am a Giant Squid and a Top 100 Giant Squid! I also help mentor folks who are new to Squidoo, so I figure it is fitting to apply my first blog post here to helping you make better Squidoo Lenses!
All to often I see people who don't make full use out of their module titles and the subtitles. I like to call these title spaces "Valuable Keyword Real Estate" Let me explain!
If you view your source code for your Squidoo lens you will notice that the module titles utilize an "H2" tag and the subtitles utilize an "H3" tag. What are H2 and H3 tags? Let me explain!
These tags tell the browser to make the text in the title and subtitle to appear larger than the text in the module itself. But more importantly, it tells google and other search engines that the text in these areas are more important. Google will give more weight to the words you use, so it is best to repeat your main keyphrase often in your module titles. Don't ignore your subtitles either. Think of good keywords to put in your subtitles.
Here is an example from my own collection of Squidoo Lenses that I would like for you to look at!
Blueberry Pie Recipe
Please notice that I have filled in every module title and sub title and have repeated my key phrase "Blueberry Pie Recipe" in almost every title and sub title. Doing this will surely give me good ranking for that keyphrase within the various search engines!
So take a few moments(or days in my case) to go back through your lenses and apply this tip to your lenses and watch traffic increase!
That is all for lesson number 1!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Thomas. I often forget to fill in the module subtitles as I am sure that many do. Welcome to Valley of the Giants!

  2. What's that saying about the more I know, the more I know how much I still don't know? Your post is a gem, Thomas. I needed to hear this, because I am one who often skips subtitles. I am SEO ignorant in a lot of ways. (Note to self: Time to study!)

    Thank you so much.