Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toe Socks

I will start this blogging business out with a new lens that I recently created. About Toe Socks! What is a Toe Sock? Well. many people might remember these from the hippy 70's. Those striped socks with separate compartments for toes. Remember those?

Lets says that today's toe socks are cousins of those funky socks. Todays toe socks are worn by athletes such as runners, gymnasts, dancers, yoga practioners, etc. Virtually anyone who makes big demands of their feet should look into new toe socks. According to those in the know, toe socks allow your feet to perform to their full potential and reduce the risk of over heating, sweating and blisters.

There are several manufactures of Toe Socks for athletes including Injinji, Feelmax and ToeSox. Injinji is the leader by far with several product lines and alot of information on the subject.

Have a look at this lens about toe socks to learn more.
(Photo by Jeff Hester under creative commons license)

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