Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Planting a Giant Seed...

Just add water. Better - add stars! Squidoo lens love, that is. Ta-ta-ah!

Ladies and Guys, may I introduce to you - Giant Squid Lensmaster seedplanter!

Not only has Bonnie written her first guest post on this blog (a "hammer", by the way) - some of you have been so smitten by her words that you've missed the nail and assumed that I (your bud Keem) was the author. Nope, I don't write that well. She does! And she did. Here:

Cooking Disasters I Lived To Tell About

The Craziest Things I Never Said

Help! I've Lost My Hippocampus!

And my latest favorite:

If Only

Seedplanter in her own words:

I'm a writer, nature photographer,and product reviewer who has flipped over the creative potential of Squidoo.

Interests: family (can you spell grandchildren?), gardening, travel, music, photography, camping, good coffee, books, history, and beading.

My friend Bonnie - in my own words:

Several months ago, someone recommended that I check out seedplanter's lenses. I never turned back - I'm still checking out every word she writes. I so love her stuff! Funny as hell, smart, witty, thoughtful, inspiring, entertaining. And then some.

Now she's writing for us, here on this blog. More than one post, I hope! Welcome, Bonnie!

Thank you for the kind comments on Bonnie's first post. I'll pass them on.


  1. Hey, that's great Bonnie! Welcome to the valley. ( but what am I - chopped liver? Hmm, when the Jolly Green Giant says "Ho Ho Ho" to whom do you think he is referring?)

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Veronica. I see that I'm in good company here. (It's Chef Keem we should worry about, dontcha think?)

    Keem, thanks for the mushy-gushy intro. I really appreciate it because I know that beneath your funny-boy exterior lies a heart of gold. Or is it platinum...cant remember.

    I appreciate the encouragement you gave me when I was learning my way around Squidoo. I feel honored that you've asked me to participate here. If I get too longwinded, send me to the corner.