Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stilettos: Dress To Kill

This blog is about 4 days old. It is barely indexed in Squidoo and I have a feeling that the ONLY one who will read it is me! If you do by accident stumble on on it, please surprise me and make yourself known. Do it quietly however, because you might startle me! :)

I have created a new Squidoo Lens about Stiletto Shoes. Originally, I thought it would feature only a few attractive stiletto designs, but the more I researched it, the more cool stuff I found.

* I was amazed at the quality of stiletto photos under creative commons license I found on Flickr. These stilleto photos are by themselves with a look. If you are a Squidoo Newbie, this is a great tip. Go to Flickr, and do an advanced search. Check the Creative Commons box and search for your subject. If there are photos available you can use them as long as you give credit to the photographer. (This is a good chance to mention tha tthe photo to the right is By Gabrielle Sinatra on a Creative Commons License)

* There are some amazing videos of contests women running in high heels or stilettos. This is apparently quite popular in many countries and I have included some of the videos on the site. Controversial with many, photos of stiletto running contests may surprise some and again are worth a visit to the lens.

* There are actually high heels for babies!! I dont know how I feel about that, but as it was surprising for me, I thought it would be interesting for visitors to the lens.

* I found some really interesting information about stilettos which I have included in the lens.

Overall, I think that the stiletto page came out ALOT better than I thought and think it has alot of potential. But maybe I am biased? I would love to get some suggestions from readers on how to make this a TOP squidoo lens. I have just added it to the 'Critique Me' section of Squidu, but I would also appreciate some comments left in the comment box.

So, if you have actually found this post and gotten this far, congratulations!! You are probably one of very few people. Please leave me a note either here on the blog or on the Stilettos site and let me know who you are!!

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