Thursday, January 15, 2009

Squidoo: Get Paid For Your Passion!

I've been with Squidoo for nearly 2 years, was among the first Giant Squid in 2007 and have just been granted membership in the Giant Squid 100 Club. If I could, I would make lenses all day long. Yes, it's THAT much fun. So what's the attraction? Plenty, when you think about it.

1. I have a platform that allows me to talk about ALL of my interests, passions and curiousities. I am not limited in how far I wish to explore, I can make my lenses as detailed as I want. I can share about charities I love, topics I care about, or just be spontaneous. My #1 lens, How To Say "I Love You" In Different Languages, was built in about 30 minutes, amid much laughter from my kids. It receives hundreds of visits each week, from people all over the world.

2. I actually make a bit of cash from writing, sharing and researching. If you're not using all the Squidoo affiliate modules to full advantage, I suggest you take some time to learn from lensmasters like Loyalis,LewisSmile, N376 and others in SquidU. They all have teaching sites, and love to help budding lensmasters achieve all they can, and best of all, they have ACTUAL experince making the kind of profits they discuss.

3. If you have topics you are REALLY passionate about, and want to spread the word, there is no greater place than Squidoo! You can meet and mix with people from all over the world, from diverse business and social backgrounds, age groups and perspectives. What greater resource is there? Take the time to get to know your fellow lensmasters. My Squidoo family has become an invaluable part of my online life and work.

Finally, I want to thank ChefKeem for inviting me to join you in The Valley of the Giants. It was an offer I could not refuse!

Giant Squid Hugs To All!

Bette Miles-Holleman

aka BadMsM


  1. Wonderful Squidoo testimonial, Bette! I agree wholeheartedly - Squidoo's the place to be! I hope we'll hear more from you. :)

  2. If I weren't already Squidhooked, I would make my first lens after reading your post! Thanks, Bette.