Friday, January 9, 2009

Innovative Links

In my effort to build up the PR of this blog, I am looking for innovative ways to create links. I have found three, and will look for more:

I have built up free webpages using 5 free site builders. The site builders include:

* Google's Site
* Yahoo's Geocities
* Webs
* Wetpaint
* Of course Squidoo.

Wetpaint is probably the best so far and Geocities is definatly the worst. In fact, I have to go back there and edit it and I am dreading it. Geocities is a mess.

I have linked them togther and have given links from all to this blog. To maximize the PR impact, I will only link to the MAIN site of the Link Experiment, on Squidoo. Please go there to read the details of this Link Experiment. The other free sites will all give one-way (inbound) direct links to this blog. Hopefully it will help to give this blog a PR boost.

So, I am curious to see what will happen. Perhaps in time they might both have PR. Who knows? If so, I will use them as an additional source of links to my Squidoo sites.

If anyone has other suggestions, it could be interesting. Perhaps I will make a squidoo lens with a list of ways to make innovative links to Squidoo sites? Might be useful to me or a fellow squid one day.

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